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    Hilt has been converting a few of our guns to use small form lipo's which Hobbytown carries (mostly for model RC stuff). Imagine my suprise when I discover that they actually have a semi-decent selection of airsoft stuff. They had some King's Arms AEG's, some decent BB's at a reasonable price (.20 high grades and bio's and some .25 high grades). He had some small form 8.4v batteries and a smattering of other stuff. I talked to the manager at some length. He was very curious about airsoft and I happily let him pick my brain for whatever that was worth

    I think we might have a friend and local source for airsoft stuff with a little encouragement...

    This is not an endorsement of Hobbytown and I don't work there or have any special relationship with them. I was just pleasantly suprised to see someone carrying airsoft stuff that was at least a step up from the crap Academy and Wally World sells.

    [edit] One of the CR guys mentioned that the prices on their guns where high, I have to admit I didn't look very closely at the guns since I just bought a RS Type-56 AEG so I am not in the market for a gun right now.
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    They also have Deans Ultra Plugs, a cheap and very worthwhile upgrade IMO, no crappy Tamiya plugs to deal with. And 10wt silicon shock oil works well for cleaning barrels.
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