View Full Version : Dead Space

10-19-2008, 10:02 PM
Let me start off this review by just saying ZOMFG! For any of you Bio-Shock lovers or Alien/Predator/Doom fans this game is definatly for you.

First Impressions (after about 1:30hr of play):
Great Graphics
INCREDIBLY unique interface simliar to Gears of War/Metriod style inventory and map
Hard to believe anyone could say this about a video game....but it's SCARY!
Very intricate upgrading and leveling system
Great story and plot
Unique weapons that are upgradable; all weapons have a secondary fire
Special abilities (to get into detail could be a possible spoiler)

Aside from that information I just wanted to give anyone who's interested some more specific information. The player interface is much like Gears of War (you look over the right shoulder and use LT to aim) although it's hard to believe there isn't a HUD of any kind or a radar. Your charecter has a blue fiber optic looking line streaming down from his back that displays your HP (you can constantly see it) the lower the blue flow is the lower your HP. The item inferface is also something to be noted; when you walk over top/up to an item on the floor or on a surface you get a 3D display that comes off the item. Very similiar to a hologram you see in certrain movies (Star Wars) and it comes off the item, gives a discription and quantity. Very, very smooth game play. If anyone has any questions send me a PM or leave a comment!