View Full Version : Star Wars: Force Unleashed

09-27-2008, 10:15 PM
Rating 1-10 (10 being the best) I'd personaly give this game a 6.5-7.0
Reasong for rating - When first taking this game out of the box I won't lie, I was extremly excited. I can't believe I'm saying this about a Star Wars game but I just got more and more dissapointed as the game went along and progressed. It didn't take me long to figure out that the game had a large part of it's foundation based in combo's. Most of you guy's (including myself) just dismiss combos'/specials' as just button mashing or dumb luck, for this game that IS NOT the case. Making it very hard to do anything other than just a basic moves without putting thought into each and every mind numbing individual battle. If this wasn't enough to change your mind, keep reading. At the begining of the game I was very impressed with the story and it's depth, but after darth vader did certain things (trying not to be specific as to ruin it for anyone else) I became a little bit annoyed and confused to say the least. It will take about 1-2hr of gameplay to become accustomed and literate to this games exlusive targeting system which is quirky. The hardest hit for me personaly, was how completly different this game was than Star Wars: Battlefront II (IMO the best in the series) the Jedi interface, playstyle, tatics, and maneuverability from that game were FAR more intertaining and MUCH more satisfying. This is a vague reference to one of the Star Wars games that came out for the original Xbox called Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of The Sith which was terrible (only words prophibited by rule #18 can do how this game plays, and why flopped justice) but this is the closest comparision I can think of. Some of the sound tracks in this game came strait out of Shadows of The Empire! That was the second Star Wars game to come out for the Nintendo 64 and this I liked very much! Now I'm not a Star Wars mega nerd but I've got alot of respect for the series and who can't love those AWESOME movies? Needless to say playing any Star Wars game will leave you with a lingering need to become a Jedi. All in all I would reccomend this game, but if you're interested go ahead and do yourself a favor and wait for the price to go down! If you have any other specific questions about anything just leave a comment or send me a PM