View Full Version : Spring attached to piston.

07-10-2007, 11:15 PM
A few weeks ago while I was working out of Tulsa OK with my uncle I went to the local BB airsoft store to check out their inventory. I decided to get some upgrades for my UTG AK47 (chinese clone) because they were affordable and convenient. I would be opening the gearbox for the first time as I knew I would someday have to. After reading many online guides and following step by step instruction from mechbox.com I was thoroughly confident that I could do it. I expected some difficulty as this was no Marui gearbox but some cheap chinese product. I had no problem installing the metal bushings and adding new grease but I still can't get the stock spring off of the piston. I know that few have encountered this exact problem because not too many have opened a UTG gearbox. There is a screw in the piston head but the screw head is stripped. I tried to twist the piston head off by wrapping a towel around it and turning it with pliers but the screw remains stationary as the piston head turns. Is there a solution other that buying a new piston and head? Replacing the o-ring, adding metal bushings and adding new grease did boosted the performance quite a bit, but now I have a gaurder sp100 lying around. I feel a little proud of myself to have succesfully taken apart and rebuilt the gearbox even with this setback :)

07-11-2007, 12:51 AM
How recessed is the screw head? If not very deep, you can take a Dremel with a cutting wheel and create a slot in the screw head, which will then allow you to unscrew it. You don't need to go deep, especially since you'll be cutting into the pistonhead also.