View Full Version : M16A4 upgrade recommendations

05-14-2007, 07:49 PM
Hey guys please don't rad on me about getting an Echo 1 or JG because this gun is going to be my little test dummy :hammer: lol. What upgrade parts would be freekin sweet to put on this gun, external and internal.

>Gun: Echo1/ JG M-16A4
>Keep under 400 fps
>$300 spending limit

I was thinking about putting a PSG1 inner barrel with a mock silencer to cover up the inner barrel. Maybe an electric drum mag, and painting the fore grip, handle, and stock army green or the desert tan.
Well thats what I was thinking tell me what you guys think about these upgrades, not the gun itself please.
Ok guys lets see what you got :) .

05-14-2007, 07:52 PM
pat, nobody here can tell you what YOU like. Pick what you like and go with it. We all have our own opinions. For example, the testicle-mag you want to put on it is lame; however, that is up to you to spend money on or not. The inner barrel on the M16 is plenty long as-is, so there is not a *real* need to make it longer. Save the money from the silencer to cover it up and buy mags or an extra battery. In other words, pick practical items, not cosmetic ones.

Lastly, I'm sick of reminding you about rule#18. It is a seven day ban this time, as there is no excuse to continue having problems with rule #18.