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04-08-2007, 05:01 PM


MARS got me this product right away. It came in a thick cardboard box and sleeved in plastic. It was in perfect condition when I got it.

The three outside pockets hold as many AR mags as I want. They hold the mags tightly. In fact, I was impressed by how tight the pockets are MOLLE strapped to the main bag. I was expecting them to hang loosely. The middle, and largest, of the three pouches holds eight AR magazines by itself with no problem. The two smaller pouches have two compartments each. Each pouch had plasted fastex buckles, large velcro straps, and cinches.

Note: the middle [large] pouch has a 1.5" x 2.5" velcro attachment point on the outside. It has both "sides" of the velcro. I plan to affix the velcro pad to the back of my "Peace Through Superior Firepower" patch and place it on this bag.

There are 2 large inner pouches in the smaller compartment. They are not baggy, loose compartments, but are snug to the inside wall of the compartment. I put my commander sized double-stack 1911 in one pocket along with 3 extra pistol mags, and the large velcro strip holds it snugly. The other pocket of same size holds my red-dot scope very snugly. There is NO rattling around.

The larger, 36", compartment holds my M4 [16" barrel]. Note, it fits when fully collapsed. If you have a longer rifle, you may want to purchase the 42" model of this same bag. The main compartment has diagonal flaps at each end. I can stick the muzzle in one and the end of the stock in the other. Along with the 2 velcro retention straps, my M4 is snug and does not shift.

The carry handle is great. One of the two straps of the carry handle has a velcro band so the other strap fits inside and can be wrapped up. This makes for a soft, solid carry handle.

The shoulder strap is very long, fully adjustable, and also has a thick velcroed pad for ease of carry. There are also 2 small velcro loops integral to the backside of the bag which snugly holds the shoulder strap out of the way when not in use.

There is velcro and quick fasteners everywhere for secure carriage. There is a plastic D-ring in the front and one in the back to temp-fasten whatever else you want.

I bought one in tan and one in od green [for a friend]. Both are aesthetically pleasing.

I am extremely happy with this purchase.