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11-27-2006, 12:27 PM
how many round until you have to re-wind?! I didnt know you had to wind until a little bit ago.... so, i'm deciding between 4 Mids, and 2 Hi-Caps.... 520, with NO winding, or 600, WITH winding.... the Mids i'm looking at ar the G&P's....

Dark Paladin
11-27-2006, 12:53 PM
Uhh. . . for which type of magazines? M4/16? G36? G3? MP5? More info would be nice.

Also, please re-read rule #18. I'm sure you can do better than what you just posted.

11-27-2006, 12:56 PM
C'mon guys, you're going to give the admins carpal-tunnel syndrome as many times as they have to type 'Please read rule #18'.

Regarding your question, you need to ask yourself if you like to play with more realistic mag changes, which the mid and low-caps would afford, or would you rather spray away and not be bothered by ammo concerns. I personally love playing with low-cap magazines as they're quieter and force you to watch your ammo consumption, but to each his own.

11-27-2006, 01:22 PM
I prefer mids as well. I carry 13 into the field and end up using aobut half of them usually. But, to answer your winding question. With a full wind(you have to keep winding till the mag starts making a "clicking" noise, it will sound different than the winding noise), I find that I can shoot out nearly the entire mag, with only about 20 or so bb's left over. I did a 190rd VN style mag at the last game I was at, and there were 7 bb's left in the mag when it quit feeding.

11-27-2006, 04:39 PM
Yes, I've read rule #18, and I've been told MANY times about my grammer. and, as I've said in a couple other thread's, It's my keyboard.... Sorry, AGAIN.... and, to start-off, I'm getting an M4, and i think that I''m gonna get 2 Hi-
caps, then go Mid.... Not sure thou.... Are the Mids that much quieter?.... I still cant decide.... Because i can get 4 G&P Mid-caps's for the same price as 2 CA Hi-caps.... And i think if i can go a WHOLE mag without winding, I'll get the Hi-Caps.... But, i read somewhere that you have to wing like every 40-60 rounds.... Maybe that was just for the Well R6....

11-27-2006, 05:07 PM
Maybe you should just give posting a rest for a bit until you clean up your "keyboard". That or you can go on a vacation courtesy of one of our fine admins. In any case your nonstop atrocious grammar and sentence structure is not going to get you much help aorund here. Either way, you can spend some time reading through the vast amounts of info the Net has to offer until VAST improvements are made.

Now, onto your queries: Midcaps don't rattle, hicaps do but not so much you notice. Stick to TM mags for hicaps, they seem to be the most dependable. Rounds per wind usually depends on how used the mag is; the spring eventually starts to lose strength over time.

11-27-2006, 05:19 PM
OK. Fine, No more posts til' I get a new keyboard.... Sorry, I didn't thnik it offended EVERYONE so much....

11-27-2006, 06:51 PM
It takes a lot more than some poor grammar to offend me and my fellow mods/admins. We are simply doing our jobs in taking steps to keep this site as clean as possible.

11-27-2006, 06:54 PM
Guys, lay off the Rule#18 for a new member, given the reason he provided. If the pattern persists over time, then it will be addressed. Banshee, in the mean time, do the best you can intent-wise and please proofread.

From another thread on this very site:

Continuous Full-Auto Firing Test of Available Mags
Test items:
-1 bag of AE .2g BBs
-1 nylon insulated CamelBak sleeve
-1 old canvas bag
-1 9.6v 3000mAh large pack
Test setup:
-Place CamelBak sleeve into canvas bag

Test procedure:
-Fill hi-caps with BBs.
-Insert mag into respective AEG.
-Wind fully.
-Fire AEG in continuous full-auto into CamelBak sleeve until it dry-fires repeatedly.
-Place AEG aside.
-Empty expended BBs from CamelBak sleeve and canvas bag onto floor
-Count them

Test results:
Newish TM M16 300rd hicap in SR16: 274 BBs fired (91% of capacity)
Old TM AK 600rd hicap in SR47: 269 BBs fired (45% of capacity)
New G&G UMG 539rd hicap in UMG: 217 BBs fired (41% of capacity)
Old TM G3 500rd hi-cap in TM G3: 323 BBs fired (65% of capacity)
Newish TM M14 440rd hicap in TM M14: 346 BBs fired (79% of capacity)
Unknown age TM G36 470rd hicap in XM8: 292 BBs fired (62% of capacity)
Hero Arms 3000rd AK drum* in RPK: 312 BBs fired (10% of capacity)

2,033 total BBs expended

Mags not tested:
TM MP5 200rd hicap - Do not own a MP5 AEG; attempting to test in gas-operated MP5 may inject additional variables past typical AEG use
CA249 2500rd box mag* - currently broken, so cannot test. From experience, CA 2500rd box mag will feed less significantly less than Hero Arms AK drum (for reference, TOP 2500rd box mag* a couple years ago would feed ~90-110 BBs which is 4% of capacity)
Shoei MP44 mag - standard-type mag holding 80 BBs, so no need
Asahi M60 - doesn't use mags; able to fire 60rds in continuous burst
Asahi FNC - 100rd standard-type mag, so no need
Asahi M249 - either 100rd standard-type mag or 500round box mag, so no need
Easy Company M16 320rd hicap - didn't feel like it since TM mag was tested

*fully wound until mechanism started clicking. Obviously, the electric winder could be engaged during skirmish-play.

11-27-2006, 10:28 PM
Thank You AustinWolv.... And I am proof reading now.... and, I did get it a bit cleaner....