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11-15-2006, 09:22 AM
Alright gals and gents, mark your calenders. This will be at the Harwood field, and the price will be $30. That breaks down to a $15 field fee, a hotdog lunch, and the rest going to this charity: http://www.nmfa.org/site/PageServer
Please post up interest, as well as any ideas/concerns that will add to the op. We will have "civilians" in this op, and we are going to try to work it out with the field that anyone who wants to volunteer as a civie will not have to pay a field fee. The field staff are providing some, but we may need more, so keep that in mind. Also, if a Mod or Staff member could sticky this, it would be much appreciated. Scenario as follows:

OPERATION Fallen Fortress
December 30th, Harwood, TX

In the city of Halababa, political turmoil has broken out. The corrupt local militia has seized control of the city, and ousted the local government. The leaders have gone into hiding, pleading with the UN to send assistance. US forces have been sent in to try to root out the local militia and restore order.

US Objectives:
Regain and hold control of the town and surrounding area.
If possible, take out Militia commander.

Militia objectives:
Remain in control of the town and surrounding area
Repel US forces

Respawns: Both teams will have unlimited respawns. Casualties must return to their main base and wait 10 minutes before re-inserting. The 10 minutes is a constant running timer.

This op will run on a points based system, with points being awarded for every objective taken. Also, some objectives taken will have a signifigant effect on the opposing team. All objectives will have a red/blue marker. You must flip the marker to your teams color, or you do not control the objective.

Main Base, 100 points: You must maintain control of your base because it is your spawn point. If base is overrun, casualties will be collected at a central point until base is re-taken. If all members of a team are killed, then the scenario will be over. Special rule. The enemy's main base is NOT the objective. Exception: If your team has controlled the town, as well as three other minor objectives for more than an hour, you may stage an attack on the enemy’s main base

TOWN, 60 points: The reason we are fighting.

SAM SITE, 10 points. If this site is held, opposing team must wait until they have 6 casualties before re-inserting.

COMM STATION, 10 points. If this is held, opposing commander may not transmit on the radio. Commander may listen, but orders must be sent via runner or through 2nd in command.

FUEL STATION, 10 points: if this is held, you may respawn after 5 minutes. The theory being that your "vehicles" will have fuel to run

WATER HOLE, 10 points: If this is held, opposing team must wait 15 minutes to respawn. Theory being that this is the water supply for the entire area. Without control, it will be harder to keep your troops healthy and hydrated.

Hooch village, 10 points: No special rule at this time, however there may be civilians there to get intel from.

Toon Town, 10 points: No special rule at this time, however there may be civilians there to get intel from.

There WILL be civilians throughout the engagement zone. They will offer any intel they have to either side. However, killing a civilian will result in a 5 point deduction. Also, be warned. Some of the civilians are extremist suicide bombers. Upon asking one for intel on the enemy, they will “explode”.

Team commanders. If a team commander is killed, then he/she must appoint a new commander. The new commander may be killed and still retain command, but the original commander is not eligible for command for the rest of the scenario. 3 points for killing the original commander.

Local Government. There are three members of the local government under the protection of one civilian. The ousted governor and two aids. US forces will receive 5 points for finding them and extracting them back to their base. Only one needs to survive to receive points. Once extracted back to base, they will revert to civilian status and be available to give intel. The militia will receive 5 points for killing the government officials. All three must be killed to receive the 5 points.


Safety brief/intel: 9:00-9:15

Command organization: 9:16-9:59

Scenario begins: 10:00-12:59

Lunch: 1:00-1:59

Re-insert/Scenario resumes: 2:00-5:00

Game ends/ Objectives added up/Winner declared: 5:01

Calender sign up: http://www.houstonairsoft.com/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=93&day=2006-12-30&c=1

A little info on the NMFA. This is a very good charity that I think alot us wouldn't mind helping out. Alot of the community are, have served, or have family serving in the armed forces.
The National Military Family Association
supports spouses and children of American troops, including those of the
deployed, wounded and fallen in action, through free summer camps that
provide coping skills to children of deployed service members, spouse
scholarships, and by championing laws that provide more funds and
benefits to military families.
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$30 registration is sucure at paypal.com. Account p1rguy@hotmail.com under details insert Operation Fallen Fortress.

If you pay ahead of time and find out you wont be able to make it just let me know and I'll send the money back to you. Just try and give us a little bit of notice please. Thanks! :-)

Pre-registration ends on Dec. 20th, after this date no free raffle ticket will be granted.

If you have any questions please just drop me a PM and I'll explain whatever I can to you.
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12-07-2006, 09:40 PM
I think that i want to start on a normal skirmish before i do something this big. I will have my gun at Christmas. Maybe i can convince my parents to open the gun on the 24th and play that Sunday.

This looks great, I cant wait.

12-24-2006, 02:14 PM
After the 20th, am I still able to register online and just not recieve the raffel ticket, or will I have to register at the field?



12-24-2006, 02:59 PM
Pretty sure you can still register online. Conversely, just pay when you get there.
You'll still get a raffle ticket for attending, while those that pre-registered will get two.

They changed it last week.