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03-08-2006, 12:07 AM
Merely an informational post in case a person is searching for info on hi-cap capability. Feel free to add additional magazine testing.

Continuous Full-Auto Firing Test of Available Mags
Test items:
-1 bag of AE .2g BBs
-1 nylon insulated CamelBak sleeve
-1 old canvas bag
-1 9.6v 3000mAh large pack
Test setup:
-Place CamelBak sleeve into canvas bag

Test procedure:
-Fill hi-caps with BBs.
-Insert mag into respective AEG.
-Wind fully.
-Fire AEG in continuous full-auto into CamelBak sleeve until it dry-fires repeatedly.
-Place AEG aside.
-Empty expended BBs from CamelBak sleeve and canvas bag onto floor
-Count them

Test results:
Newish TM M16 300rd hicap in SR16: 274 BBs fired (91% of capacity)
Old TM AK 600rd hicap in SR47: 269 BBs fired (45% of capacity)
New G&G UMG 539rd hicap in UMG: 217 BBs fired (41% of capacity)
Old TM G3 500rd hi-cap in TM G3: 323 BBs fired (65% of capacity)
Newish TM M14 440rd hicap in TM M14: 346 BBs fired (79% of capacity)
Unknown age TM G36 470rd hicap in XM8: 292 BBs fired (62% of capacity)
Hero Arms 3000rd AK drum* in RPK: 312 BBs fired (10% of capacity)

Mags not tested:
TM MP5 200rd hicap - Do not own a MP5 AEG; attempting to test in gas-operated MP5 may inject additional variables past typical AEG use
CA249 2500rd box mag* - currently broken, so cannot test. From experience, CA 2500rd box mag will feed less significantly less than Hero Arms AK drum (for reference, TOP 2500rd box mag* a couple years ago would feed ~90-110 BBs which is 4% of capacity)
Easy Company M16 320rd hicap - didn't feel like it since TM mag was tested

*fully wound until mechanism started clicking.

03-08-2006, 04:06 PM
I wind up my mag before I insert it into the gun. After I wind, I refill in more bb's. should add more to the capacity. I'm not sure if you did this with your tests, but I'm sure it will help a little.


03-08-2006, 05:11 PM
Thanks, but wondering if that is irrelevent since none of the mags fully fed 100% of the BBs that were in there......