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12-04-2005, 11:34 PM
First of all, kudos to UWG players for making a long drive to skirmish at TXPB today.
By dumb luck, there were approximately even numbers on each side in attendance. Just enough Austin players were able to group up, as UWG had enough players to group up on the other side.

First skirmish occurred east/west along the creek with one of the main paths we always use as the other boundary. Straight move-to-contact with single elimination was the game. Bluefor started on the west end. Bluefor sniper went with two riflemen to the open right side of the field to observe and have open firing lanes. Remaining Bluefor went to left flank, splitting into two groups. Bluefor 4-man fireteam hit the road, trying to move quickly towards the east. Numerous Opfor were moving up the road, quickly hitting the brush on each side when sighted. Bluefor sunk back into the woods, unable to safely get up the road. Two Bluefor stayed just off the road, while the other two grouped up with other Bluefor closer to the center of the field. Opfor later came slowly up the road, losing 1 casulty. However, Opfor saw the shooter, blitzing him with two players. 1 was hit, but Bluefor took a casulty, while the other Opfor retreated. Radio traffic indicated Opfor/Bluefor trading shots and some casulties on the right flank. Shortly later, two more Opfor moved up rapidly, but I ended up hitting both of them. From there, 3 of us moved slowly up the road, but saw it no longer covered. We hit the main path intersection and hit an Opfor from behind. While deciding where to go, another Opfor moved into the opposite end of the intersection, and he was hit by one of our fireteam. Opfor then pushed hard onto the Bluefor sniper, I think, but riflemen were able to support him. Our 3-man fireteam moved rapidly up the road, under other Bluefor direction to flank remaining Opfor. We entered the trench field, eventually were vectored in on the Opfor player from behind, and dispatched of him. Game over.

Second skirmish was again move-to-contact, single elimination, but the sides swapped their starting point. Most of Bluefor moved up through the trench field, exchanging fire very soon at game start. Afraid Opfor would push down the road quickly and flank, two of us moved up there to cover that flank. Other Bluefor, I think, were pushing up the middle of the field. Not sure how things were going down there. Up on the road, it looked like 3 Opfor crossed the road to cover it on their side. We exchanged fire, but they were just out of range. Other Bluefor were pushing up to our left, and they were able to get an angle on the Opfor covering the road, hitting 1 or 2? I moved up to the intersection, but luckily saw the lone Opfor still prone there, being able to move back just in time. He got up and retreated back towards the center of the field. The two Bluefor then moved up the road, checking the intersection area, and then moving down the path towards the creek. We emerged on the other end of it, seeing an Opfor player exchanging fire with Bluefor. We put fire on him and hit him, and apparently that was the last Opfor player. Game over.

Everyone took a short break, and then we headed down to the wooded area.
Bluefor started on the east end of this field. 3 Bluefor went up the hill, while the others split the center and right flanks. Fairly quickly, those of us on the hill engaged no less than 4 Opfor on the hill, exchanging fire. One Opfor was hit, but other Opfor had good positions and could not be accurately engaged. Both sides dug in and picked at each other. Meanwhile, I think the other Bluefor on the lower part of the field were engaged and shared casulties with Opfor. Other Bluefor hit the fenceline and attempted to run a wide flank behind Opfor. This created some confusion, so those players called themselves out. On the hill, two Opfor were hit, as was 1 Bluefor. Game was shortly over a bit later.

The sides again swapped starting points. 4 Bluefor went up the hill, while others took positions a bit lower on the hill from them. I was hit pretty quickly and joined others in the dead pool. Bluefor sniper was picking at people north of him, across the field. Other Bluefor and Opfor exchanged casulties in the center of the field. Some Opfor moved to the far left flank, engaging Bluefor up on the hill, before moving back and farther south to flank. Bluefor sniper got eyes on them, picking off two. Another Opfor then suppressed the sniper, rushing him, but was hit by an unseen Bluefor rifleman. Not sure what happened after that, but game ended shortly after.

Several of us then went up to the crackhouse to run a few pistol games, all learning that the numerous windows are dangerous.

Good shooting all.

Disclaimer: I write these AARs for people's enjoyment and learning only, and they merely cover the experiences I encountered on the given skirmish day. There is simply too much radio traffic and other people's experiences for me to capture it all, so obviously things will be missed or not covered. That is far from intentional and instead is encouragement for others to recap the day if they so choose.

12-05-2005, 12:11 AM
hehe...I was going to say I saved Cali's ass on that last game but knowing cali that might be misconstrued :)

Great games. Probably need to do a better job of outlining boundries to all of the players prior to the start of games. I know even I had to question others a couple times about the ropes because the damn things run all over the place.

12-05-2005, 12:17 AM
Agreed, we are used to and ignore them typically, but I can see how they are confusing.

12-05-2005, 09:42 AM
Obsidian your my hero...Yes, you did save my ass.

Also, thanks to UWG for paying us a visit and I hope to see you guys more often.

12-05-2005, 08:39 PM
Great skirmishes all the way around!

I had a blast and my little fire team (son, Stigma and gf, Nieth) were marveling at how much fun we had on our little recon flank manuever. That there was confusion about the boundaries apparently was limited to one person who got flanked...hehehe

Looking forward to returning the favor to UWG by taking their invite to play in January down there!

12-06-2005, 07:08 AM
Thanks for a great time! Look forward to many more shirmish's with Austin. You guys made us earn our keep! Great day. Thanks. You are welcome at the boneyard anytime.

David Root
UWG Governing Council Chairman

12-06-2005, 03:19 PM

Please make sure you tell the guys thanks from us! Had a great time with ya'll.

Best of all was the great sportsmanship showed by everyone!