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11-27-2005, 11:16 PM
A bit of a light day, presumably due to the holiday weekend. Lots of fun however and pretty good weather. Wind was noticeable.

First skirmish pitted 5 Bluefor defending the well against 6 Opfor. Time limit was 45 mins. Immediately, 1 Bluefor left the game due to his battery dying. Remaining Bluefor set up a perimeter, but Opfor did a nice job for a while staying unnoticed, as only a couple Opfor were spotted. Opfor engaged near the northern rock wall, but did not apply too much pressure. One Bluefor hit an Opfor in roughly the Boise area, I think. Opfor started pushing the northern rock wall and Boise area, exchanging casulties but Opfor lost a couple guys. I don't know exact happenings as I was patrolling the western rock wall, moving back when Opfor started to push. One Opfor moved up fairly close to the treeline, but I fired, and he took off. He then moved back up a bit later, so I suppressed the area. A Bluefor player was able to get an angle on him from elsewhere. There were two Opfor left at that point, with one plinking with a sniper rifle from good range, keeping heads alert. The other Opfor was finally spotted, moving nicely by crawling pretty close. He got hit, after which a Bluefor player got hit. I circled wide right through SLC to approach the remaining Opfor player, but game time limit was called. The well remained protected.

The second skirmish took place between the Memphis area and the shack. Boundary was the road to the northern fenceline. It was move-to-contact with 60min time limit. Bluefor started with 5 people north of Memphis. Two staying north and going due west. The others went south through the vegetation at Memphis. Opfor started with 6 and moved out toward the east, mostly staying in support of each other in the middle of the field it appeared, until a couple broke off heading northeast. Bluefor was able to dispatch of those two, while other Opfor took up cover/concealment at the treeline. The 3 south Bluefor worked up through the vegetation slowly, while the 2 north players moved west and then tried to cut down into Opfor. Both Bluefor were eliminated promptly. From there, it became a cat and mouse game of careful movement by both sides as they worked their way towards each other. Opfor sniper eliminated one of the Bluefor and was trying to plink at me. I gave ground, at which point the other Bluefor player was able to hit the sniper. From there, I exchanged fire with a couple other Opfor, allowing the friendly player to put BBs on them. After that, the last Opfor and I exchanged fire, and he was hit. Only 5 mins remained in the time limit, I think.

Third skirmish had a couple more players show up so they were split between the sides. Bluefor started at Helena; Opfor at San Fran, I think. Move-to-contact, but I don't recall a time limit. A couple Bluefor swung far south to flank. Remaining Bluefor proceeded down the rock wall, engaging Opfor a bit southeast of the well. Two Opfor and two Bluefor exchanged fire, and I moved up to get an angle on them. One Opfor stayed put trying to put fire on my position and other Bluefor positions, while the other took off to other cover to the east. Not sure what he did after that, but presume that he was aiming plastic at the other three Bluefor behind me. One Bluefor was hit quickly a bit farther back. I moved up again to some big trees, but not big enough, as another Opfor farther back was able to hit me, as he used good concealment to lay in wait. The two south Bluefor were moving when they got blindsided by other Opfor. The other two Bluefor were hit shortly after at the rock wall, as Opfor was able to eliminate Bluefor pretty quickly without taking casulties I think.

Fourth skirmish was a slightly larger Bluefor force attacking Opfor defenders at the shack. Game started with Opfor in the shack area, with Bluefor defenders positioned in all directions of the shack. I started north of the shack with a sniper rifle, putting rounds at targets of opportunity. Opfor had a couple guys at the south barrels, exchanging fire with Bluefor south of the shack. Other Opfor were covering north and east, as a couple Bluefor were approaching from the east. I moved to the west of the shack, plinking at targets when possible. A couple Opfor got hit, not sure how. I don't recall if south Bluefor were hit, but I think one of the east Bluefor was hit. Meanwhile, spade's video camera was positioned on a post outside the shack, left to film while the action was going on. Should be interesting. I continued to swing the western approach, until finding a gap in the shack in which BBs could be plinked through into the shack, specifically at an Opfor player prone inside. He moved an ammo crate into position for cover. :) A Bluefor smoke was deployed that helped conceal a Bluefor player who rushed the shack and provided some anxious moments for those combatants involved.

After that, we broke into pistol matches, of which 8 of us participated. A number of these were run and again proved pretty enjoyable way to end the day.

Good shooting all.

11-28-2005, 10:51 AM
Austinwolv, yesterday was really awesome. Everyone that came out to play was very gung-ho on every skirmish. From Stigma's valliant surge of courage to brush into the unknown through billowing smoke that ended in the game being sub-dued to his team :D (great job). To the things that Cali did in the forest that non of us really want to talk about :vomit: , but he was brave to do it (wondering where he got the paper towels from). Spade executed fine professionalism in capturing every play by play action on film with risk of getting damage to the camera, but he was not going to give up to get good angles. The amazing "Geronimo Run" by myself which ended a most triumphant pistol war that was done both with balls and a fist of fear (still wondering how that happened, it was'nt really me...LOL).

Austinwolv, was like a kid in a candy store taking every opportunity to put himself in the most risky, but rewarding (at times) positions. We can't forget the brave one who took a bb in the butt (left buttcheek) for his team (not sure of his name) nice guy though. Thank God for Sniperson's unwillingness to give up the fort (shack) with me, it was a vein of inspiration to the dead end.

All in all it was great fun and we should be on the ball to play more like this in the future, just to be more non/stop to get and see more action.

The pillbox/blind was a great tool and came in very handy thanks to Spade for pushing the idea of making it and having it at Hunters. :D

11-28-2005, 12:49 PM
lol, I'm always prepared....

11-28-2005, 02:04 PM
Guys, at least attempt to read your posts before you submit them. You'll understand how others have to decipher them then. ;)

11-28-2005, 10:33 PM
Was a pleasant day. Really enjoyed the games as well as peoples courtesy. Had a wonderful stress free day thanks guys. Hope to have many more the same.