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11-20-2005, 11:12 AM
First, thanks to the Houston guys for making the long drive in. Hope y'all got home safe. It was good to see you on the field.

Thanks to the local players who made it also. Hopefully we can do better about starting on time in the future. (And not have to put up with unauthorized field visitors.) :)

First skirmish was an assault/defend typical scenario. Bluefor was tasked with defending the well area, while Opfor started at LA. Opfor had medic ability with 1 respawn, while Bluefor was single elimination. Part of Bluefor took up positions to the east, while the rest of Bluefor took up positions to the south. Early on, Opfor was visible moving to the east, looking like they were to circle around. Opfor was seen then moving north, coming into the eastern Bluefor. For a long time, we Opfor approached the southern positions, but eventually some worked back from the east and approaced towards the center of the two Bluefor groups.
I watched 4 Opfor take up position just southeast of San Fran (I think) general area. The south Bluefor team opened up on them with tracers, and then also received incoming fire back. Two of the Opfor moved farther west towards the rock wall, one stayed static in some cover, and one moved back east. I think 1 or 2 Opfor that hit the rock wall ended up getting hit. At the same time, eastern Bluefor started engaging targets, hitting a couple, but also losing 1 or 2 Bluefor.
A teammate and myself rotated back towards the well to see if Opfor was trying to bypass the eastern Bluefor by going farther north. It was covered, so we hung out, as Opfor started a big push right up the middle of the two groups from the southeast. Heard hits both ways and opened fire on a couple Opfor in the middle of the field, near Boise. Also accidentally shot E6D. Sorry.
Game ended with 60min time limit, as it appeared like Opfor had worked a good number into the ravine and gotten into some good engagements.

Back to parking lot, reload, next scenario.

Bluefor 2man LRRP team was dispatched to Jackson/Daytona area. 2man team picked Daytona. Opfor was tasked with eliminating the LRRP team. 4man Bluefor extract team was able to meet up with LRRP team quickly, so the 6 of us moved farther north as there was a report of possible Opfor in the Jackson woods behind us. We got a bit south of NY and then headed nearly due west. Meanwhile, Opfor had decided to sit on the extraction point at the shack and just wait for Bluefor. Bluefor main force had started at Bismarck with a couple heading east to hook up with LRRP/extract teams, while the rest went to secure the shack. That didn't go quite so well, as Opfor had the shack locked down.
I think a good portion of Bluefor main force exchanged fire with shack and gradually got picked off. LRRP/extract/couple other Bluefor moved south across the road and tried to approach from the east. We were able to get within AEG range and then moved along the bottom of a mini-ridge to stay low and get a bit closer. From there, Opfor had the shack pretty well-covered as there was no cover/concealment to use in front of us. A bit further to the south, a couple Opfor were hanging out, taking potshots at us. One of our guys moved up, but got hit by an Opfor laying low in the grass. I spotted him and fired, hitting him. From there, time was ticking down, and we were fairly stuck. Got silly, jumped up, and just made a dash to hopefully put some fire down and maybe hit someone since we didn't see much else choice. I think another Bluefor did the same shortly thereafter. Both LRRP members were hit, so game over.

Back to parking lot, reload, some people left. It was getting late because of the earlier delay. :(

The remaining players decided to run a move-to-contact on the rock wall along Helena/Seattle corridor. Bluefor started at the well, Opfor in the Helena area. Bluefor moved east with groups on each side of the rock wall. Opfor settled in near the Helena ravine/break in the wall, and both groups exchanged fire across the ravine. Both groups took a couple hits. I moved south in an attempt to get flanking angle on some Opfor that had their side of the ravine pretty well-covered. Was able to put BBs on them, but couldn't make the hit. Noticed Opfor behind those two (farther east), so engaged them for quite a while, but couldn't score any hits. I think other Bluefor had been hit also by then. I decided to move farther southeast, moving to the pond, and then heading north in an attempt to approach the eastern Opfor from behind. They vacated that position by the time I got back there. :( Heard fire and another hit call in the distance, and there was no radio traffic. Continued west, verified with some bystanders that game was still on, and then kept moving west. Approached an Opfor from behind, watched for a few secs, and then saw he had 3 more off to his right. Shot semi on the Opfor by mistake (meant to be a burst), hitting him. Quickly switched to full-auto and opened up on the other 3, only to hear the not-so-reassuring sound of a dying battery. Opfor dispatched of me quickly then. :)

Gameplay over for the night. Nice shooting by a LOT of people.

Constructive criticism:
-Start skirmishes "on-time", especially since out-of-towners drove in. Only got through 2 scenarios; should have gotten through 3-4 fairly easily.
-1st skirmish: Pretty standard setup. Force multiplier with Opfor getting 1 respawn seemed evened out versus Bluefor getting no respawns
-2nd skirmish: I *think* Opfor started at the shack? If so, we ran it wrong. If not, my mistake. Opfor was to start at Memphis, NY, or Pittsburgh. Starting at the shack basically eliminated the search and movement dynamics of the scenario if that is what happened. Also, the 2man LRRP team was supposed to consist of 4 players, and I think both sides were allowed medics which weren't used. A lot of mistakes in this one since there was confusion about the unauthorized people on the property, and mistakes of people not hearing the briefing. I'm wondering if having two possible extract points would be better since Opfor is *supposed* to outnumber Bluefor by quite a bit in this scenario.
-Perhaps in the future, all the scenarios are located in different parts of the field, with start/extract points distinctly marked with a chemlight. This might help people find the points more easily, knowing there isn't overlap of objectives from various scenarios.

11-20-2005, 12:20 PM
Excellent recap, Wolv...

I've learned some valuable lessons from this one.

Great ideas on the 2nd skirmish - team wasn't supposed to start at the shack and even I didn't remember about using the medics. LRRP team was reduced to 2 players due to being unsure about how many would show up/what team was going to run this one.

I didn't know the rules and skirmish outlines as good as I could have done. My fault, and it won't happen again.

Overall, awesome turnout!!! The Houston guys - many thanks!


11-20-2005, 03:19 PM
Note to self: I have no sense of direction in the dark.:cool:

11-20-2005, 04:49 PM
Game 1: STORM, ODG, and a group of UA's started out at Seattle (I think). Myself, Tad, Smog, and Arsenic split off from the main force to circle south and east of bluefor. With the lack of NVG and/or moonlight, it made for a tricky walk across very uneven terrain. During this time, we did not engage with bluefor and only heard sporadic engagements to the North of our position.

We finally came out WAAAAY east of where we wanted to be (we came out about 100 meters east of the shack). Arsenic and I debated on if we should check out the shack, but decided against it. (Good thing since it was manned by 2 WC personnel with NVG and we had no medic...no real contest there!)

We turned east to come in straight towards bluefor, but we had wasted so much time with our midnight stroll through the woods, endex was called before we could ever engage. Oh well. The night is still young!

Game 2: STORM, UA's and Silent Knights started at Memphis when we quickly made our way to the shack to begin fortifications for the upcoming assault. The 2-man scout team was sent out at that time. Once setup was complete, the fireteams spread out to the north and south of the shack and left a heavy defensive force at the shack and surrounding bunkers.

I don't recall how much time elapsed, but the first wave of attacks came from the north/northeast with heavy fire being exchanged by both sides. The bunkers that were constructed gave excellent cover for opfor, so losses were minimal. The fact there were 3 support weapons with NVG was also a contributing factor.

Unfortunately, we managed to gun down our own scout team during the first firefight when they returned to the shack under fire. I blame a failure to use the challenge/password for the loss of the scout team, but I could be way off base. Chalk it up to another lesson learned the hard way.

We were receiving "probing" shots from the north and east for some time while bluefor (I assume) was formulating an assault plan. Troop movement was sighted all along the treeline from southeast to north of the shack. The ensuing battle was fast and furious. Again, the constructed bunkers gave excellent cover which allowed us to pick off bluefor troops as they entered the field. I was exchanging heavy tracer fire with another tracer-wielding troop to the north. This continued until endex was called.

Game 3: Can't comment since I had to leave. Hopefully someone else will fill in the blanks here.

All in all, it was an excellent night. There was lots of good shooting and fun had by all.

Thanks to Kilo for his organization of this event and for all others who helped make this possible.

11-20-2005, 04:59 PM
shak, thanks for the heads-up on stuff. Always interesting to hear it from someone else's view.

Kilo, nice job putting the event together. Even the small ones take some work, and I think we were able to learn some things about how those particular scenarios work, what can be done to make them better, and to start from scratch on the Rolling Retreat one. :D
Hopefully we can run some more of those during day skirmishes and work out kinks.