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09-18-2005, 08:35 PM
Anyone like to share about the skirm today?

I am having skirm withdrawals!!!

09-18-2005, 08:45 PM
People seemed tired today. It was pretty hot out in the sun, but there was a NICE breeze in the shade.

Played a quick move-to-contact in the Bismarck/St. Louis area. One group started in the north woods, west of Bismarck. The other group started in the St. Louis general area. Partial group of Bluefor went fast to Bismarck, while sniper team went straight through open field. Opfor stayed in the tobacco plant stuff for the most part. North Bluefor team moved quickly down towards opfor, eliminating some, but mostly getting eliminated, which was just after the sniper team both got hit.

Then played a 75min skirmish in which one side with slightly more players had to hunt sniper teams from the other side. Everyone got 1 respawn. Objective was for all the snipers to be eliminated. I think that one wore everyone out, and people lost interest due to the heat. Snipers were still alive at end of the time limit as far as I know. Missed a portion of this one switching out guns.

Third skirmish was a move-to-contact in the Helena, Salt Lake City, and San Fran corridor. Some people went high, some went low. Group I was with went low, trying to sweep around behind opfor; opfor was engaged with the other group from Bluefor side on the high side near the rock wall. Pretty good shooting in the third skirmish. Bluefor was able to collapse around remaining opfor and push through to clear the area.

We then at in the shade for a while resting on the rock wall. :)

Some other people ventured over towards the shack to do some defend/assault stuff, while others called it a day.

09-18-2005, 09:03 PM
Thanks Wolv!

09-18-2005, 09:17 PM
I didn't care for the first skirmish too much, as I was gogged by a good shot in short order by a guy I had been scoping out for the sniper. I underestimated the target's range and accuracy capabilities, and despite my being prone, hit me with a very accurate burst. I also hadn't been sure that they had seen me, but they sure as heck had. Again, very accurate shooting on their part.

Second skirmish was loooong. We probably could have customized the rules better than we did to try and emphasize the kind of gameplay we wanted. Was it really a sniper hunt? Kinda, I guess. Regardless, we fought this one up in the thick woods along the back fence and it was a nerve-wracking and exciting fight with all the limited sighting distances and heavy cover all around. We noticed the opfor coming in while we were passing through the corner and hit the deck hoping they'd wander by. They saw something or someone took a shot at them and then they were all over us and we didn't move hardly at all after that. We also forgot how much territory was behind us (around 30 yards to the fence at our position's rear) and neglected to cover it well, although we had all the other approaches fairly well covered. Sure enough, after shooting up a handful of people, I was mercilessly zapped by a quick burst from the formation's rear where someone had snuck up on us, from a direction I had pretty much no cover from (although I was prone). I had been nervously worried about the one door I felt we left open, and sure enough someone came in. Kudos to the other team for locating it and using it to their advantage. That was good tactical and situational awareness on their part.

The last skirmish was also a fun one although I seemed to ride just behind the crest of the main assault, and merely played a supporting role in lending another gun to the fight with the remaining personnel, halfway between Boise and Portland. Felt fun though as there was good tension, observation, and good movement later on in the fight.

At the end of the day I was surprised how wiped out I felt. I didn't think today was crazy hot like it was in August, but it was the first time I carried a full rig in a while, and maybe that had something to do with it. We did some long walks in the sun and I'm sure that didn't help things any.

My compliments to the other team for never giving us an easy time of it. I was zapped quickly in the first game and once from nearby at my six in the second game. Good stuff.

Thanks to everyone that made it out.

Dark Paladin
09-18-2005, 10:25 PM
After dropping the wife at the airport for her flight, I sped over to Hunters from ABIA at flank speed. Fortunately my ECMs were in good working order, and I was able to make it without encountering any interceptors.

Jumped into the third skirmish along with HammerHead and Katana's group as soon as I geared up, and proceeded to move West from SLC along with another before being pinned down by opfor near LA. Was hugging the ground for about 10 minutes before Katana came up with reinforcements. With a sqaud of 4 we then advanced west to the edge of the field and then turned northeast along the rockwall. At that moment Merited Thunder (opfor) decided to pop his head up, which was a very bad idea for him. After that we then continued our sweep northeast until reaching the well, at which point it was determined that it was endgame.

For the fourth skimirsh a variation of assault/defend the shack was suggested, but ultimately abandoned when the heat encouraged action instead of standing in the sun. Along with Longbow and two others, we were the assaulting force. It was decided that since it was a fairly equal 4 on 4 engagement, and that each side had a sniper rifle, we would spread out and envelope the shack in an arc. I had a sniper nearby, so I tried to keep the defender's attention on me while directing the sniper to a better firing position. I saw SniperSon dash off from the shack towards the west, but he returned about five minutes later. More fire was exchanged, but our sniper was soon eliminated. Shortly afterwards, I saw MeanGreen7 move away from the shack and headed east into the woods. Anticipating a flanking move, I fell back to out of sight from the shack (opfor had radios, I was the only one on my team with a radio). From there I proceeded southeast along the treeline hoping to counter MG7's move. My move paid off, as I managed to engage him soon after and managed to get a lucky hit in. However, upon trying to return to engage the shack, I find out that somehow the rules have been changed to Assimilation, and I was soon locked down by three others, most of which were originally on my team. :p

All in all a good fun day. I was glad I was able to catch some of the action, as I had feared that I would miss out with the wife's flight being at 4PM and all. . .

Now time to clean out all my gear. . . and then work on Rasengan some more. . . :)

09-19-2005, 12:11 AM
Alas I was not able to make it today. Common sense took over and I studied for my physics test on Tuesday. I will most certaintly catch you gentlemen this Sunday though. I am ITCHING for some airsoft action.

09-19-2005, 10:27 AM
Uhh, I thought the 2nd skirmish was over when the snipers were eliminated...I was really hot by then and deceided to take a water break instead of respawning. All in all I had a good time. I really like how the skirmishing has seemed to become more mobile, faster paced and more tactics oriented. Thanks to everyone who came out and played some different and fun games.

09-19-2005, 10:53 AM
Hm, might be some confusion about the game setup of the second skirmish then. Snipers respawned and were still active, unless I misunderstood, and they only had to be hit once.

09-19-2005, 11:03 AM
Second game was pretty fun albeit really friggin hot. I didn't know all of opfor would end up in that back section by the fence but it seems thats where the action stayed the whole time. I was under the impression that EVERYONE got 1 respawn, snipers included. So for example if 2 of the 3 (or 4?) snipers were hit, they could go respawn and come back in. Basically meaning that all of the snipers had to be dead around the same time. I dunno, it was fun regardless and there was some good shooting on both sides.

09-19-2005, 11:29 AM
I was under the impression that EVERYONE got 1 respawn, snipers included. Yes, that is what I thought too.

Sorry if I was mistaken and screwed the game up for anyone.

I'm thinking skirmishes of those types that cross so much of the land are better reserved for the fall/winter/spring time of year. :)

I'm thinking we open it up a bit more for those wanting more action by forcing the sniper teams to get to 1 of 3 extraction points. Something like that should help balance out the sneaky survival aspect of the gameplay, along with potentially getting a bit more trigger time for some people.

09-19-2005, 02:19 PM
Had alot of fun, except being the last guy pinned by 3 tangos' in the front and a tango sniper in the rear and no reinforcements cuz they were dead. It was the greatest though, it seems to me that it's getting more fun each time I come out, I get more pumped about doing tactical moves in the trees and bush and working together as a team (hats off to ODG).

I do think I have a problem though cuz each time I go I am getting more and more addicted to airsoft. The next game we played at the shack was a blast. Especially hunting for Dark Paladin, we were both being sneaky and carefull until we ended pretty much with in ok 6yards of each other and so I decided to just rush him and ended up shooting the wrong plant and I would have had him, but while I was waisting time firing on the wrong rabbit food he took me out. Then Sniperson took him out and we just kept taking each other out.

It was a great day overall, some engagement issues in the begining in a non skirmish episode, but realistically it was great fun an absolute blast.