View Full Version : G&P M16 Heat Sink End Set

06-24-2005, 10:52 AM
I've seen these around and thought about getting one as I'm sure they are relatively cheap. I think I've also seen a few of guns equipped with these at some of the games. My questions is,

A. how much did you get yours for, everywhere I see them it says 'call for pricing info'.

B. have you noticed any sort of improvement, I realize heatsinks are generally more of a precautionary measure than an inhancement but who knows.

Just wanted to get some feedback and see how you guys like these.

Here's the link: G&P M16 Heat Sink (http://www.supremeco.com.hk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=38_517_511&products_id=2467)

06-24-2005, 11:49 AM
I have a couple of them..... I think mine were all less than 20 bucks. I bought the first one for the heat issue because my grip would get hot to the point you needed a glove to hold on. It has a vented bottom which allows for more airflow up around the motor. After the first one I found the best thing it has going for it is the motor adjustment. It has this huge plug and you no longer need the retarded little disc in there. It doesnt move when its adjusted etc.

06-24-2005, 12:58 PM
Sounds good, I'll add that to my already extensive list of 'things to buy'.