View Full Version : uShop?

05-27-2005, 05:36 PM
What up with this?

Looks broken to me.

Please, elaborate on these "Points".

"Points Per Thread:" I think I get.

"Points Per Reply:" that WE post or that are posted to the thread we create? It also appears this isn't working completely/properly.

"Points Per Thread View:" that WE view or views to the thread we create?

You get a positive amount of points for "Bad Reputation" also? How about points taken away?

When will this take affect?

Are there certain areas that do NOT get points? Like the "Mod Corner" or "General Chat"?


"Admin Donate" - Where do those points come from? The admin donating them or what? Meaning if the Admin has 0.00 points and donates does that work?

Once all the wrinkles are worked out will the points get zeroed out so everyone starts at the same starting point?