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05-16-2005, 06:12 PM
Due to abuse the arcade post limit has been increased to 50 posts. Spam our forum and you will be banned. If you think you have a legitimate reason as to why you should be exempt from the limit please PM me and explain it.

The New Arcade
The Arcade has been revamped with some signifigant changes and feature upgrades. First off we have about 1500 games in the arcade. We will be adding a few games every week just to keep everything fresh.

New Games
The Arcade is divided up into categories. New games will be in the New games category until the next update. At that time they will be moved to their respective category and a new batch of new games will be moved in.

Arcade Tournaments:
There will be regular tournies posted that users will have the ability to participate in. Winners of these events will get items from our cafepress store or other perks around the site.

Rules and Regs:
The arcade is there for the entertainment and enjoyment of active site members. Our old arcade was extensively used by people that came to the site only for the arcade. My position is that this is an airsoft site that I provide for the enjoyment of the Airsoft Community. If you want to play games and not contribute otherwise please go to a dedicated game site.

Currently you have to have 50 posts to play in the arcade. If you spam our site to get your 50 posts you will be banned. If this abuse continues I will bump it to 50 posts and make it so people have to pm me to get access. Please do not abuse it.

05-19-2005, 07:22 PM
bye bye I am myself

05-19-2005, 07:25 PM
Lord! Who do you think you are. These people strive to have a site that is spam free and to provide fun and games to those who wish to contribute to this site. They spend time and money working to provide others with information necesary to this hobby. If you want to come to this site to just use the arcade then go find somewhere that is only for games!

If you do want to stop being a jerk and maybe ask sensible questions or contibute to the site otherwise then please do, but if not then leave! I might not be one of this sites many veterans, but what I do know is these people are very open and will help anyone who seeks help. They allow anyone interested in airsoft to ask questions and participate. Its not my place to tell you this but I think that others would back me in saying LEAVE!