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05-05-2005, 10:53 AM
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Operation: Steel Resolve .

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This page contains a list of those attending. Please post if you have any special requests.

Operation: [Name TBA]

Scheduled to be held at Dallas Fort Worth Adventure Park. Please visit:


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Updates to this entry will be made as the event planner provides details.

05-05-2005, 11:27 AM
The SpecOp Scenarios site recently underwent a server upgrade and we are still having a few technical difficulties (read as I donít know what I am doing and require professional help to fix) :cussing: but the site will be updated by this weekend. Here are the pertinent details:

OP: Steel Resolve will be held on 11 June 2005 in Roanoke, TX with the standard $35.00 event fee. This will be a green vs. tan event and both teams will get to equal opportunities to complete offensive and defensive missions. Also, the field owner has done extensive work on the field to open up areas previously too dense to play and should change the game dynamics drastically.

Story Line:

For the last two years, SOCOM has been covertly supporting the Drug Interdiction operations in Honduras in cooperation with the Honduran government. The ROE has been simple, the US is providing transportation and logistical support only and direct action is strictly prohibited, regardless of the circumstances. Recently and without explanation, the Amistoso Cartel has engaged US troops with far superior firepower than previously demonstrated and the result has been a substantial loss of life.

The CIA can confirm that the cartel has partnered with military assets, but is unsure of their origin. The two working theories are either rogue elements of the Honduran military or covert troops from the bordering country of Guatemala. The NSA and the Pentagon have working solutions for either option, but we will need troops on the ground to make the actual determination of which enemy we are facing.

This operation will require a strike team to insert in the jungles of the Copan River Valley and determine which military assets are supporting the cartel. Direct Action is approved and encouraged under Executive Order 1477. A list of primary and secondary requirements will be available shortly.

Additional details will be available shortly.