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03-14-2005, 11:42 PM
I was wondering what kinds of mags people like to use? low, mid, hi, or auto-winding mags?

I use 10 low-caps, 1 hi-cap, and 1 2500 round auto-winding mag( in case things get nasty)for my m16. For my mp5 I use 14 low-cap mags. :AR15:

03-15-2005, 12:04 AM
Everyone has their own preferences on this topic, but it depends on a few things:
1. A player's budget
2. Which weapon they have
3. What other players are using
4. How long the action is set to last that day
5. The field being skirmished on

For example, for #1 and #2, when I run my SR16, I carry 10 standards and a couple backup hi-caps. Contrast that to when I run a RPK, of which I'll carry 8 hi-caps to feed it. Then, compare that to my G3, which I'll just carry 2 hi-caps, or my Asahi M249 which I'll carry 11 standards for plus 2-3 box mags that hold 500 rounds each. Those are some lengthy examples, but very, very few players can afford to carry a complete standard mag loadout for each and every replica they own. Hence, you'll see many more hi-cap loadouts than not.

For #3, if all the other players local to a respective area are carrying loads of hi-caps, a player using standards is typically outgunned because by nature the hi-cap users can suppress longer. Thus, a higher majority of players use hi-caps in that area.

For #4, if a player is just skirmishing for a half-day or less, a couple hi-cap mags could be sufficient. However, if it is a day-long op or something of that nature, a player might elect to carry many more mags.

For #5, some fields lend themselves to more or less ammo consumption merely based on the terrain, and the way skirmishes are arranged. For example, one former field in Austin used to consist of a lot of paintball-type courts that catered to many, many rounds being expended, so players could likely be carrying more mags for that. In contrast, the newer field location consists of more natural terrain with cover and concealment that allows players to move more without being seen and less rounds being expended.

On a personal note, I prefer to use standards, but the community gameplay, along with the typical budgets we all have, means I run hi-caps when applicable. (That also allows me to have a wider range of replicas instead of just a ton of mags) :D