View Full Version : Improved TM High Capacity G3 Magazines

12-18-2004, 12:28 PM
At Operation Reindeer Games III, last week, I purchased a new Tokyo Marui high capacity G3 magazine from AirsoftWorx. I fielded the magazine without performing any preventative maintenance beforehand. Namely, taping the floorplate securely to the magazine, to prevent the notorious component from slipping off. I was preparing to do exactly that, this morning, when I noticed a change in the magazine's design. Rather than the push pin used to hold the plate in place, the new design uses a small set screw.

This news may have been released and noticed more by other websites, but some how it seems to have slipped through the cracks, here at LSA. If you're a fan of the G3 who's encountered this problem, it looks like your troubles have been solved.

Here's an image of the new design, note the screw holding the floor plate in place:

Here's an image of the old design, note the button, which has been replaced with a set screw (thanks to Agrovale for this image):