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11-10-2004, 04:39 PM

Seems today that more and more equipment is being manufactured to fit special needs generated by the US Military. Oakley is no exception. Oakley has manufactured some of the best sunglasses and goggles, but assault boots? Pictured above is the new Oakley SI (Standard-Issue) desert tan assault boot. I have been looking sometime now for a boot that would be very light weight, durable and breathable. Another must for me is the color; I do not like black boots. My current kicks are Thorogood Peacekeepers in OD, so when looking for something new, desert tan seem to fit the bill. The boots themselves are very catching right out of the box. The color they have used is more of a Khaki rather than the popular coyote and tans out there, but seems to blend well with my desert BDU’s. The fit is incredible. They run true to size and width and seem to require little to no break-in whatsoever. Within the first two hours of wear, I could tell that they were already molding to my feet perfectly.
Construction of the boot is very well thought out. They feature a 16 eyelet design with a gusseted tongue to keep debris from entering the foot-bed (witch is removable for drying). There is also two drain-holes on the on each boot for water drainage, think jungle boots. This brings up two points about the construction. Drain-holes are great arid environments and games during the summer as they provide and excellent source for ventilation of moisture and perspiration. On the other hand, they are not water proof. Stepping into standing puddles will cause water to seep into the foot bed. The boots themselves are constructed using soft top-grain leather. Oakley has also worked in moisture control fabrics within foot bed to help keep your feet nice and dry during strenuous workouts or situations. The soles are constructed using “Advanced polymer EVA and premium urethane that offer resilient shock absorption. High-NBS vulcanized rubber maintains traction over a full range of terrain” (That’s a mouth full). The picture above shows the tread on the soles and I have to admit that grip on slippery surfaces is great (tested this on oil in the garage) as well as normal Texas terrain. Further field tests will show on the wear and tear as well as general functionality.
My thoughts…not that they count or anything….These are great boots for summer-type or dry environments and I am really happy with the purchase. Very comfortable, the color will work well in the areas we play here in Texas and will provide all-day comfort for longer skirmishes and Ops. The downside is the lack for water protection and the price. The price...whoa! Oakley is very proud of these boots and it reflects well in the price tag.

06-05-2005, 08:49 AM
Howdy Mr. The Jono,

Just wondering how these Oakley SI boots have stood up to the test of time, i.e., can we get an update of how well these boots are working for you, etc...



06-18-2005, 11:20 PM
Picked up a pair of these in desert tan...

after two weeks, which included two skirms and one full day at work, these boots are feeling better and better on my feet. I agree with The Jono, they seem to be molding themselves to my feet and it's feeling like I'm wearing tennis shoes or something lighter...

Great buy if you ask me...and I got them cheap at downrangetactical.com