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07-23-2003, 01:59 PM
I just scored about $800 via ebay auctions and am kicking around ideas for my next airsoft gun. I have been wanting a light machinegun for a while and have been thinking about the RPK. Yes, yes, I could go with an M60 type gun but recall that I like something different than what other players have.

Now if I go this route I will probably be retaining the original AK butt as I feel that a high volume of fire gun like this needs a large battery (and the AKS uses stick batteries) and the fact that I think the RPKs oversized butt is horrible looking.

Yes, this would make the resulting gun, using all the RPK parts but the stock, more of an aproximation of a Yugoslavian M72 or M77 than an actual RPK but what the hell!

Anyway, my question is this: is upgrading the gun to 450 fps (this is the legal limit under TASO for support weapons) worth the trouble? (assuming such an upgrade is possible on an AK) Or is the usual 400 fps upgrade enough to do the job?

What are your thoughts on the project as a whole?

"Trench Raider"

07-23-2003, 02:34 PM
I almost went the RPK or Draganov route myself.

The standard AK stock AND the receiver need doctoring to take a larger battery. Even the larger batteries made specifically for the AK.

It's expensive so be prepared to pay. The cheapest long outer barrel kit, with foregrip stocks and buttstock, is/was $250. You'll need the metal front end and metal body kit approx. $120. You'll need the original weapon @ $213.00 I put an M150 System FTK in mine @ $170.

(I wasn't going for machine gun, I was going for sniper.)

The FTK went in and runs fine. I think I have a leak though cos I'm not getting quite 400fps regularly out of it. The battery and motor work exceedingly hard to pull back the spring but it does it. I have NOT altered the metal body, where the buttstock attaches to the receiver, so my 3k battery sticks out the back.

Good luck on the project, it's doable but don't expect perfection quickly.

07-23-2003, 02:34 PM
1. This is likely the most cost-efficient, easiest way to get a LMG AEG and the most familiar.

2. The 450fps support weapon limit also requires a minimum engagement distance, as you probably already saw.

3. It will be MUCH cheaper to only upgrade to 400fps than going to 450fps. 400fps really only requires metal bushings and a spring, whereas 450fps will call for gears, spring guide, piston, and piston head.

4. Talk to Skizm as I think he was going to undertake this project as well.

5. The AK mechbox is pretty stout, and according to many posts I've read will handle that 450fps just fine, whereas a Ver2 mechbox will break up near the nozzle, which they also do over time in just our 400fps AEG's.

The potential issue with going this route is that you still have a Marui-style mechbox that will get hot with the volume of fire for which a support weapon is tasked. This will cause premature stress/wear, but I do not have enough experience with upgrades of this type to comment any further. More than likely, you'll strip gears or the piston more frequently than with a 400fps AEG, and since you'll be dumping a lot more rounds, that means you'll be replacing those parts more frequently. I do apologize that I cannot attach a solid number to that, as I do not have direct experience doing this, but have read info that estimated 15-18k rounds for a Marui-style mechbox in this role.

The question you need to quantify is if it is worth spending the money to hit 450fps, along with the potential maintainance costs in the future, as compared to the actual extra range you'll get.

Hope that helped some. :cool:

07-23-2003, 06:36 PM
I will sell you an M60 so your the only one with one hehe