View Full Version : Ready Magazine System

09-26-2004, 08:20 PM
How exactly does the wiring work on a this type of system ? M4/M15 aeg? :confused:

09-26-2004, 10:12 PM
You want an M4 wiring harness installed in your mechbox; one that routes the wires toward the front of the replica. You need to grind/cut a wire-sized notch in the top edge of the lower receiver, about an inch or so in front of the bolt catch. You need to drill/cut a hole in the top part of the receiver-side of the ready-mag well, so that when the r-m is mounted, the hole in the r-m well and the notch you cut in the Armalite lower receiver line up. Make the hole just large enough to fit the small battery connector through.

Take a ready-made and purchased magazine shell with a battery in it, or take a standard airsoft mag and remove the plastic unit inside. Real Armalite magazines do not work well for this because the extent of the structural folding in the sides of the magazines protrude too far into the magazine itself to allow you to fit the larger battery cell cans.

Viola. Just learn to not do full-depth depressions on the mag release, unless you want to drop both your magazine, and your magazine-battery.