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05-11-2003, 09:24 PM
Will you be attending?
What scenarios would you like to play?
What game elements would you like to see incorporated?
Will you be bringing any friends?

05-12-2003, 09:00 AM
Hello Jay, I posted a reply to your 5.25.03 TXPB thread. I just found this thread that there is a game @ Hunters. I will be definately attending. I am excited, that this will be the first airsoft skirmish I will be playing. All I need to do is get a map to Hunters, I'm sure there is a thread to that somewhere, I'll search. Look forward to seeing you there.

05-12-2003, 09:08 AM
I should be there.

If we get enough numbers, I'd like to play another long scenario. Something like the Supply Buckets scenario would be nice.

I think we'll get our fill of run & gun at OP:GH and the preceeding week's preperation for that OP at TXPB.

Also, I'd like to run some scenarios in the south woods at Hunters. We havn't played there in awhile. There are 5 markers in those woods:
Houston . . . Laredo . . . El Paso . . . Phoenix . . . Diego
....... Dallas . . . . . . . . . .Santa Fe . . . . Las Vegas

05-12-2003, 09:16 AM
1. Most likely.
2. The ones where I get to shoot Jay. A lot.
3. Limited respawns, if any. Objective-based mission cards.
4. Hehe, I'll refrain from the smartass answer I had. Not planning on it.

05-12-2003, 09:48 AM
1. I should be there.
2. I'm up for anything.
3. I agree with Wolv, limited respawns.
4. Nope.

05-12-2003, 09:58 AM
1) Im really hoping to attend, but it all depends on if i can find some some $$$ for gas & ammo.

Its my first skirmish so i have no idea on 2&3

4) not planning currently, ill see if i can drag some of my frinds from school out there.

05-13-2003, 07:59 PM
1. Yes
2.I would like to play some more bucket scenarios, 'cept with better odds for the Opfor.
3.I think we should utilize the N/NE woods more.

05-13-2003, 08:33 PM
Would anyone like to provide some sort of directions to Hunters for me? I would love to attend, but I haven't a clue as to where it's located.

Start going south on I35 just entering Round Rock if you could...thanks! :(

05-13-2003, 08:45 PM
Hint: Look in the Hunter's Airsoft forum.

05-13-2003, 08:47 PM
Turns out I WILL be making it to this one. It will be my first time out at Hunter's. Looking forward to playing out there, if not driving :(

05-13-2003, 08:58 PM
heh, Dark's informed me regarding directions....I can be a little slow sometimes :rolleyes:

05-17-2003, 01:05 PM
Sadly, due to a family emergency I will be unable to attend.

BTW Obsidian. Would you be so kind as to hold my AUG for me until the following weekend? I will pick it up at TxPB. (or if something comes up again I will have my girl friend pick it up for me...she's out of town this weekend)

See y'all at TxPB next weekend!

"Trench Raider"

05-17-2003, 07:01 PM
I should be there, will the normal people be bringing ammo and such for sell? If not, may I request a bag of .2 to purchase?

See y'all tomorrow

05-18-2003, 12:52 PM
Once again, sickness struck me down with a fearful vengeance this morning. Going out and playing airsoft in the heat would have been suicide. Looks like I'm going to be going into Ghost Hunter with one day of airsoft and a fresh, out-of-the-box AEG. Not how I would have liked to do things, but my body seems to have a grudge against airsoft, as it refuses to let me play.:rolleyes:

05-19-2003, 10:35 AM
- Jay's perspective.

In attendance:

FOG FT: Skizm, Jay, Moe, Alpha6, cMattp
Whiskey FT: Wolv, Agro, Obsidian, Katana, Avelv, Beau

AK47Ninja and ~12 other guys.

1. Skizm's gun blows up before the games begin, but just after he gets fully suited up. Skizm, with no backup, is forced to leave.

2. Move to contact in the South Woods
OldFor started at the pond. Opfor, at San Diego. FOG jumped onto the cliff and slowly proceeded westward. W quickly sneaked under the cliff to the West wall [I think]. cMatt and Jay caught AK47 and buddy by surprise and wasted them. FOG cleared aout a few more people around point Santa Fe until some really entrenched guys laid waste to us.

3. Defend San Francisco
FOG takes up ambush positions east of Seattle both north and south of the clearing there. Moe and Alpha6 get popped by a very stealthy AK47. AK47+5 keep slinking westward through the northernmost grove. Jay and cMatt kill 3 and fallback quickly. Later, a very sneaky rotc guy from GA sneaks up and kills Jay and cMatt.

4. Defend Buffalo & Richmond
To make things a bit more fair, we had OldFor defend flags placed on both Richmond and Buffalo. OpFor just needed to reach a single flag. FOG defended Buffalo, and OpFor sent the bulk of their force to Richmond. An OpFor FT came to ward Buffalo from the South. They took too long, so FOG decided to perform a sweep & clear. Same sneaky GA ROTC guy smoked cMatt and I. Moe acted as bait, fell back, and had Alpha6 kill the same ROTC guy.

5. Haybales
Some poeple played Haybales. I was not one of them.

6. Attack Portland
Obs, Wolv, and Katana defended Portland as Beau, AK47, Jay, +1 attacked. Beau and Jay got pretty close to Portland before engaging. Obs shot me with the M60. Katana made an impressive run northward along the rock wall to take out AK47's pal. AK47, in true buddy fashion, took out a now tired and seemingly worriless Katana. Beau gets shot in the face and arm and jumps back 3 yards. :p

05-19-2003, 11:25 AM
Whiskey AAR type thing.

2. Whiskey went up the creek bed and saw opfor moving north along the rock wall. We moved to cut them off and keep them between us and FOG. We engaged and caused them to start falling back towards the hills. We slowly pushed up the hill taking OPFOR out in 1's and 2's. We got to the top of the hill to AID fog and Darin and I ended up both hosing a FOG member who didnt hear our calls to wave. We moved into the trees and found a couple more OPFOR that waved at us trying to be friendly/sneaky.....we shot them and the game was over

3. Whiskey digs in around the point and proceeds to defend against the mobs of people coming in. We slowly get picked apart pretty much going 1 for 1 with OPFOR. It gets down to 3 whiskey left so we start sweeping through the trees when we are told the game is over. We find out after getting back that there was 1 opfor left out there.

4. Darin, Jason, and I move down the point from Richmond with the rest of whiskey watching the flag. We end up engaging most of the OPFOR. I found out the M60 is awesome for supressive fire with Darin and Jason picking off the ones that turn to run. We eventually get fired on from 3 sides and I get shot in the middle of reloading. Darin and Jason pull back. Reece and Beau move forward and ambush a group of OPFOR. The OPFOR keep falling back and then moving forward probing. Eventually the probing gets whittled down to nothing.

5. Haybales- Jason and I join in on hunters side. we have 2 tangos that we are engaging. The first one is in the circular bale set in the middle. I move around to the tree and proceed to dump mass amounts of bbs on the haybales which allows hunter to run up and surrender the tango. The 2nd tango is hiding by the tires. Jason and I move forward and proceed to pepper the tango and area with bbs. He calls himself out when his gun goes down.

6. Jay summed it up. We were hiding in the thick vegetation...the OPFOR came from 2 sides and it was difficult to engage 1 side without being shot at from the other.

Pretty fun game even though it was hot as hell. In the trees the temp was nice and comfy.

05-19-2003, 11:49 AM
Dammit Skizm, I had an extra M16-A2 and AUG with me yesterday. Nobody asked though. :confused:

I can't remember much from yesterday, except that I learned there are scorpions running around, my brain got baked, boonie hats do not protect your face and neck from sunburn, if you stuff your camelback with ice it will only stay cold for an hour, and next time we go out there we will be playing alongside 4 baby buffalos. Maybe we can name them Brittain, Coldblooded, Guentzel, and Falcor and dress them in camo to stand in for those that don't frequent the games anymore. :p

Yes, my brain is still baked from yesterday.


1. Move to contact, South woods. We walked up the creekbed below the cliff and spotted some YoungFor near the rock wall. They didn't seem to know which way they wanted to go, but eventually fell back along the wall and were dispatched. Moved South into the trees, where game ended with a little friendly fire and my turbocams fogging because the batteries died.

2. Defend San Francisco. Crawled into a bush near SF, spotted a big funnel web spider, crawled out of bush and decided to just hide behind it. Spotted 3-4 OpFor coming across the creekbed in a sneaky manner. Fired on one when they reached my side. Bugged out and fell back to SF and hid behind a skinny tree and got shot. Witnessed good movement and teamwork by OpFor.

3. Defend Richmond. Barry, Darin and I broke off and went down the fenceline towards the pond. We set up in a clump of trees and waited, and waited, then waited some more. We finally saw 2-3 OpFor come out of the trees and head our way. We started exchanging fire, then it seemed like there were OpFor everywhere. Barry went down, and Darin and I retreated to Richmond. Beau and Reece then took our left flank and we were able to move down the hill. I think Beau and Reece took out some badguys, and I moved up with Darin. I think I dumped 500 rounds on Hunter and got him out. At this point we only saw one OpFor left. Darin, Beau, and I gave chase, and once again I found a skinny tree to hide behind and got shot by the smartass that had been waving at me earlier. I went to the deadpool and turned around to see that the sneaky OpFor had been very sneaky and must have been hiding because there were three, not 1, and at least 1 was behind us. I don't know the outcome of this game...

4. Haybales. 3 on 2. Unfair fight. Hunter, Barry and I won.

5. Attack Portland. I only listened to this fight from a folding chair in the shade.

05-19-2003, 01:04 PM
My additions:

A. Let's make sure we're all respecting incoming hits.


1. That sucks for him. Always bring a backup, eh? :(
2. WC moved west, splitting into two FT's...one proceed N/NW to the rock wall and engaged Opfor. The other FT (a-Velv and myself) moved due west to cut off any Opfor retreat. FT1 took out a few Opfor (don't know #'s) Both fireteams eventually met a west rock wall and moved south. a_Velv got hit by one Opfor, who then continued to fire and retreat at intervals all the way to the south fence, where I ended up getting him. Remaining WC moved east, and FF'd Matt after he didn't respond to radio calls. Ooops, sorry. Better safe than sorry. ;) Moved south again into woods and encountered one tango that Obsidian dropped. Game over.
3. WC left 3 at objective to cover middle, and 3 WC and SoloTac covered right flank. Don't know exact numbers, but Opfor did send a few guys to that flank and did a nice job of moving up and applying pressure. Katana took a couple guys out, but was also getting moved on, as Alloy laid low trying to set up a trap. Solo dropped back as one very aggressive Opfor chased him....worked perfectly as I wanted on the guy to come in range, then I dropped him. One guy had moved up on Katana, so I flanked left on him and dropped him. I got hit from behind as I wasn't watching my six well enough from an opening in the field behind me. Opfor was moving hard on middle guys guarding the objective. Don't know what happened after that.
4. At least 12 Opfor moved on Richmond, coming from the north, along the fenceline. Took out Obsidian early and forced myself and Agro to fall back. AK47Ninja has some serious range on his AK BTW, as he could range me, but my shots were falling short. Eeeek. Anyway, Katana and Solo moved south along the fence, taking out some Opfor, but had to pull back as well I think. The four of us then moved back up, as we picked away at an aggressive Opfor. Katana got hit. Opfor numbers were underestimated as I went solo on a run around Opfor's right flank and instantly heard more guns that I thought were there. Ended up chasing down one Opfor, but we shot each other at the same time. Agro got hit just before I did, and then Solo got some Opfor I think. Two WC, Alloy and a_Velv stayed at the objective and successfully defended it I think.
5. I missed that one.
6. Vegetation is my friend; it provided us plenty of cover, but Opfor also knew where we were due to us holding the objective. Solo got in pretty close, before I was finally able to get a clean shot at him. I was in a rock and a hard place, so Katana covered my six before getting hit. In the end, it was down to AK47Ninja and myself, so game was called.

05-19-2003, 01:08 PM
Agro, oh yeah, forgot to mention that go figure the smartass waver was one of the new players.

05-19-2003, 04:47 PM
Originally posted by Agrovale
[B]and next time we go out there we will be playing alongside 4 baby buffalos. Maybe we can name them Brittain, Coldblooded, Guentzel, and Falcor and dress them in camo to stand in for those that don't frequent the games anymore. :p

I resemble that remark! Had to take a pass to watch the Big 12 Track Championships yesterday.

We'll see ya'll out at TxPB on Sunday.

05-19-2003, 04:54 PM
Had to take a pass to watch the Big 12 Track Championships yesterday.

How did you stay awake? :p

It was a good time. The vegetation adds a lot to that property.

05-19-2003, 05:17 PM
Originally posted by Jay
3. Defend San Francisco
FOG takes up ambush positions east of Seattle both north and south of the clearing there. Moe and Alpha6 get popped by a very stealthy AK47. AK47+5 keep slinking westward through the northernmost grove. Jay and cMatt kill 3 and fallback quickly. Later, a very sneaky rotc guy from GA sneaks up and kills Jay and cMatt.

Howdy, just like to say that I was with the sneaky rotc guy, and took one of you out as he distracted you ;) Anyways, him and a few of the other college aged guys that were out there this weekend, along with myself, are The Chosen group you guys so graciously added to your forums awhile back. Until now there have been only three of us as the rest have been away at college. So, just be forewarned you can look forward seeing us out there as new targets on a fairly regular basis. We'll probably be adding a roster in our forum soon enough.


1. Us YoungFor guys split ourselves up into three squads. One was to move along the ridge towards the pond to act as survellience and distraction. The other two moved along the south woods where I believe we ran into FOG. One of the Squads was decimated almost immediately, the other one fell back into an ambush position. I managed to down two tangos (one with whom I had a nice lengthy fire-fight, where i spent most the time cowering behind a tree desperately searching for my assailant). I think our group may have killed 4 total before being overrun from the west. Later on was caught by 4 or 5 in whiskey and signaled end game from there.

2. Split into two squads, 1 headed south towards the ridge line, the other north towards the wall and then both pushed west. Sneaky ROTC guy moved along the center. I was with the north squad and we quickly found a group of three tangos who were dispatched with little resitance. Apparently we missed one though, as three of our guys got killed in a barrage of fire. Members of FOG were pushing along the wall to our south. I was hidden east of the position with a rather clear view of them. I saw sneaky ROTC (patrick, fyi), move in from their rear and quickly converged with him on their position. Two tangos down. We then took the remants of the north squad and continued to push west. I managed to get into position to snipe two tangos as they were firing to their south. Later on I was annihilated while trying to sneak through some uh, large green leafy plants.

3. Patrick and I moved east from the parking lot, the rest of youngfor moved along the path to the hay barrels. We eventually discovered JAY and CMATT in the tree line ahead and took them out. We began to move in on two others when, do to me failing to lay down fire at the guy farther south, patrick was killed. I was forced to fall back and met up with two other members of Youngfor. We pushed up north and ran into resitance, but they kept falling back and eventually we lost sight of them. We wandered around for a bit till we found boston. We couldn't see to find the right markers :mad: . Anyways, dehydrated, I choose to retire for the day and made my way back to the cars.

Overall, a good game.

-David Hobbs-

05-19-2003, 06:03 PM
That was a great game yesterday! I really enjoyed playing with you guys. I was pretty exhausted when I got home though, I had to take some asperin, eat a pizza, and go to sleep at 9:30 (sooo tired)

I got a report for myself and the opfors

1. First game: Split into three groups, I was with alpha, the group that was slaughtered by the hedge. I escaped sucessfully. I saw one guy stand up from a trench, shot him (I think it was A-velv), and ran back more. There were atleast Five Whiskey guys on me. I saw one of my teammates behind me, but it looked like he had lost his gun or something :eek: . I saw a line of guys adavancing slowly, popped up and I beleived hit one (Not too sure, just heard a guy yell "out!") And ran back to our starting spot. Thats when AustinWolv got me (Nice shooting btw)

2. Split into two groups, had charlie divided into Bravo and Alpha, making it Six even. Patrick (The sneaky ROTC guy) did his own thing (Got three guys) While the other five of us went south, and ran into one or two F.O.G. My friend did well for being a first timer, he charged the tree line and pushed them back. Me and Mouse were told to rush into some high grass, we did so and got mowed down by someone we couldnt see.

3. Stayed in one group until 3 accidently got seperated. We reached Daytona, we thought we saw enemies, but it turned out to be the three who had got split off the group. We then proceeded up the hill only to get bogged down by that M60. Two guys rushed the left, and one managed to take out Obsidian's M60. That helped out alot. I began firing my Ak47 at their position, and two ran off. Everything was going fine until we lost three guys who were following the fence line. We pulled back a sporadically fired into the brush. We lost two others who were up front and discussing what we should do. That left three of us on the Right, and the two left Flankers. Two more guys rushed into the open to take out the other Ak guy. They suceeded, but they both got out too. One guy ran right at me, I guess he didn't know I was there. I shot him and he was out, I didn't reconize his face though, don't know who it was. The other guy with me ran outta ammo for his P90 and picked up my friend's ak47. I was behind a tree and saw a Whiskey guy about 10m right infront of me, but as I stood up to shoot he saw me and we both fired on each other until he retreated to the flag. The other guy and I tried to probe for a weak spot in their defences, but could find none. My Ak47 began to jam, and the clips stopped feeding, even though they were full and winded. I rushed a small incline in the dirt and had a bb hit my gun. I just called it quits after that, I was exhausted and had no working gun.

I had to leave then, it was about 5:30 and I was feeling pretty exhausted. I got home at about 7:45 thanks to a huge wreck at Bee Caves Road. Took a shower, ate and went to sleep. :)

Good times, good times gentlemen. :cool:

05-19-2003, 08:07 PM
Originally posted by AustinWolv

1. That sucks for him. Always bring a backup, eh? :(

MY backup was at the house in pieces as it was also KIA'd. I need to order some parts unless someone has a spare piston and spring they could spare....