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08-08-2004, 11:18 PM
After clicking on this link, click on "AI Propane Adapter" on the left-hand side

I would have posted this on the site news page but I no longer have the mod priviliges to do so. Basically, this site states that green gas is simply propane with a fancy name and high price tag. This nifty little propane adapter allows you to fill your GBBs with propane, which costs around an average of $3 per can. Now, compare that to what you pay for green gas. This piece is a must-buy for any GBB owner.

Two reviews for this product:



Two snippets from the Airsoft Retreat review...

"I picked up a small can of Coleman Propane Fuel from the local Target for around $2.50. The net mass is 465g, so given a density of around 583.074kg/m^3, the can contains about 7.97x10^-4 cubic meters of propane. So, the cost if $2.50 for just under 800ml of airsoft gas, which makes propane about 3 times less expensive than the cheapest airsoft green gas I could find in the United States. And you donít even have to have it shipped to you."

"Well, how does it shoot? The answer seems to be: great! I used one of my KSC Glock 19s for this first run, since it was equipped with a metal slide. Results were highly satisfactory. In fact, I felt that the propane was producing greater blowback than my green-and-white camo green gas."

Hope that helps all you GBB owners out there. :)

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