View Full Version : Some more changes

07-10-2004, 01:59 AM
I made a few more changes to the forums.

I changed the vendors/retailers forum to vendor/retailer ads and put it under the classifieds section. The purpose of this forum is now to give vendors a spot to post ads and specials. All vendor/retailer reviews should be done under the user reviews section. There is a category for them there.

I also created a hot deals forum under the classifieds. My intent was to give people a place to post good deals they come across. Posts in there do not have to be Airsoft related so if you see a good deal at Frys or something let everyone know.

I dumped the group order forum as most of that will be handled through Airsoftworx.

I created a User Reviews Forum under the site comments and suggestions forum. The intent with this one was to provide a help spot for everyone. Bstann is going to write up some stuff on the User Reviews section. As you can see it is growing already. Dozer from Houston has been posting reviews in there all week and I encourage everyone to jump in there and do the same.

To pull more traffic to the user reviews I have moved some of the items on the main forum page around. Some of the stats and the schedule were moved to the Navbar. That made room for a set of 5 images from the User Reviews section. Currently it is displaying the last 5 reviews but I might change that to random products so that when people see something they have they can post a review on it. Currently this change to the main forum page is only on the LSA Brown theme.

In the next couple days I am going to make some changes to the site reviews section. We are going to replace it with an Articles section that will have How-to's and tutorials. The majority of the reviews will now be done through the User reviews section. The new articles section will be setup so that users can submit articles which will be posted once approved.

The last big thing that is that Coldblooded has generously donated the code for Airsoft Profiles to LSA. We are going to work towards getting it up and running here.