View Full Version : Couple more changes

07-06-2004, 04:44 PM
In case you had not noticed I changed the postbit around a bit. The postbit is the area that holds the username and the avatars.

With the amount of games that we have in the arcade some people were starting to accumulate rows of awards. I changed it so that now it shows the number of awards you have. If you click on the Arcade Info link it will show the awards the user has. I am going to work in the option to challenge that user at some point.

The little green reputation dots that someone referred to the other week has been changed to Karma. This is something that users will accumulate over time based on how long you have been a member, # of post, and a couple other attributes. Other people can award Karma to you for your posts. This section still needs a little work and a few addons will be down the pipe.

You will also see a little flag at the bottom for some users. This can be set by picking the country of your origin in your user profile. I added that so that we can better help out some of the people that come here who are not local.

I also changed it so that it is a bit easier to see who is online vs offline.

If you guys have any suggestions on things that you would like to see on the site let me know and I will see if its a possibility.