View Full Version : New Ghillie Deployed

05-10-2004, 10:42 AM
I was able to field my new ghillie yesterday and I had a blast in it.

Since there were only six players, it meant I had to be on the move more than I would have hoped but it still worked out pretty well.

I didn't get snagged up on any trees, not even out in Santa Fe surprisingly enough.

I also found it easy to call hits on myself...I felt everything thrown my way, even at my back through the burlap.

I got more fire time with the VSR-10 and I'm still enjoying it a lot as well. I'll be doing a write up on both the suit (some images can be seen in my photo gallery) and the VSR-10 this month.

05-10-2004, 06:07 PM
When I go to your gallery and click on the pictures of the ghillie suit, the page opens up, but your picture does not, anyone else having this problem?
Anyways, the ghillie looks pretty cool from the thumbnails that I can see.

05-12-2004, 10:37 AM
I've PM'd Obsidian and he's looking into this.

The overall weight of the ghillie isn't bad at all. It did get a bit stuff with all the moving around, but I think once there is a large number of players on the field I'll have a better idea as to how well it can indeed hide me.

One thing I have to look into is a better hydration method. The one I came up with isnt very good at all...but again...it may be simply due to all the movement. I'm trying to conceal everything on my person to within the suit. My sidearm thigh holster comes from beneath the blouse with no problems. It's simply attatched to my trouser belt.

My radio is held in the left shoulder pocket. I have a throat Mic I think I wont be using any longer...the earbud just got too painful by the end of the day. I'll try my over the ear headset next time around.

At some point later in the day, the scenario called for four of us to move against two. This meant I had to draw my sidearm and only use it if I happened upon the OPFOR as opposed to using the VSR at close range. Although this looked pretty cool (hey, I'm a Sniper...I'm supposed to look cool right? LOL) I would have felt much more at ease with my M733 in hand. So...now I have to figure out a way to carry the M733 ON the ghillie so that I can easily call upon it in times of need. I may have a solution for this. Again, this will be tested next time out.