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02-22-2004, 11:19 PM
Hey all.

Today during one of our skirmishes my M16vn jammed again. It did this the last time I played with some months ago. Today, with the help of another player, I managed to clear the jam between games but to be on the safe side I switched to my M733 back up gun for the rest of the day.

I'd like not to think that Marui made the Vietnam era M16 just a little TOO realistic.. :p

As far as I can determine, I'm getting BBs jamming either in the actual hop-up or in the barrel immediately in front of it. It's easy enough to clear with a cleaning rod, but for obvious reasons I would like to fix this problem.

What could be causing this malfunction and what could I do to prevent it? It's not a regular occurence, but has happened twice now.


"Trench Raider"

02-23-2004, 12:07 AM
A friend of mine had this problem with his TM Mp5, and he asked me to take a look at it.

I discovered that the hop-up bucking (the piece the slides over the inner barrel) had caved inwards and the bb's were getting caught and jammed on that. To fix it i had to install a new bucking piece (the old one was bent out of shape) and i made sure everything was in line. It now works fine. :)

I am not saying this is the problem with your gun, but it may be worthwhile to check the bucking in your hop-up and make sure it is all in line.

02-23-2004, 12:37 AM
Either that or deformed bb's.

02-23-2004, 09:55 AM
Or a really dirty barrel. What brand of BBs are you using?

02-23-2004, 10:11 AM
I've been using "Cyber-gun" for quite some time now. I know they are not the best quality around. However up to this point they have nat caused any troubles with any of my guns.

"Trench Raider"

02-23-2004, 10:50 AM
To Mouse's point, the hopup bucking is just a piece of rubber. Over time it will wear down, dry up and crack, whatever else can happen to rubber. Replacements are four or five dollars. I've made a habit of keeping an extra on hand for each of my G3's.

Just a suggestion :)

02-23-2004, 12:03 PM
I would try a bag of different bbs and see if it fixes it. The guy that had my m60 before me ran cybergun bbs and could never get it to fire without jamming..... draw your own conclusions :)

02-23-2004, 12:58 PM
I'll certainly try that, Obsidian. However I suspect that is not the cause. I played at least twice after making the change to cyber-gun before this started to happen. Also my other guns, not to mention the AUG I previously owned, all work fine with that brand.

As to the other suggestions, I'll tear it down and give it a good cleaning. when I do so, I'll check the hop-up.

"Trench Raider"

02-23-2004, 02:39 PM
I ran CyberGun BBs for a short time last year, because they were accessible. Ran fine in my SG1. Jammed up every Armalite variant in which we we tried them.