View Full Version : Sr-16 iron sights...??...??

02-07-2004, 12:51 AM
Hey, I am about to purchase an TM SR-16, and wanted some personal experience that yall have had in a few areas.
1. I'm trying to decide if I am going to need my red-dot for it... are the iron sights good?
2. are the iron sights hard to use with a face-mask??
3. If I had to choose between having 1 highcap and the reddot or selling the reddot and getting 2 hicaps, whichshould I do?

02-07-2004, 01:03 AM
1. Few people really use the iron sights in Airsoft, mainly because these are toys and not incredibly consistent in accuracy. Most people just walk their shots in anyway. A reddot sight does help eliminate that to a small extent as they provide a quicker aiming acquisition than iron sights will.
2. Hard to say as I don't use a face mask. Depends on the weapon as well. I use RDS', so I can't provide you a good answer for this question.
3. I would rather have an additional hi-cap mag than a reddot. A reddot won't do you a lot of good if you are out of ammo. ;) However, one hi-cap may be enough for you if you exercise good fire discipline (go semi-auto, not full-auto all the time; don't spray and pray). There have been times when we've skirmished and people haven't even gone through a full standard mag. Other times, people have gone through a couple hi-cap mags. Just depends on your style and the type of skirmish scenarios you play.

You will also find it helpful to proofread your post prior to submitting it. It is full of errors.