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01-14-2004, 12:45 PM
Thought this might be interesting.

- What does your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line gear consist of?
- Do you attach 1st and 2nd together or leave them apart?
- How often do you use your 3rd line?

I was thinking back on an OP I attended in Iowa and was wondering what some of those guys had in their 3rd line that couldn't fit into a buttpack.

01-14-2004, 01:35 PM
1st line (seperate from all others)
Blackhawk pistol belt
- 3xUSGI 3rd magazine pouches
- 1xUSGI SAW pouch
- Eagle dump pouch
- HSGI drop-leg modular panel
+ 2xTac Tailor single magazine pouches (one for M16 mag, one as universal pistol pouch)
+ Kabar knife

For airsoft, my first line carries smoke grenades, M16 mag shaped BB bottles for claymore & regular ammo, claymore in the SAW pouch, extra batteries, 100mph tape, 550 cord, lighter, notepad & pencil, pistol.

For carbine matches/"real" work, Survival kit goes in the SAW pouch, along with power bars & first aid kit. 9 M16 mags in pouches. 100mph tape, 550 cord, lighter, notepad & pencil. HK Tactical .45 & extra pistol mags.

Second line :
Arktis 1604 Vest
- Camebak 100oz
- 16 M16 magazines
- radio
- compass
- more 100mph tape & 550 cord
- cliff bars, candy, snuff
- pistol mags

Vest rides seperate. Can be ditched if need be, and I can still fight from the first line.

Third line :
Lightfighter RAID
- binoculars
- second claymore
- more water
- 2xMRE's (disassembled)
- entrenching tool
- more ammo for all weapons
- other assorted items

Third line is generally for sustainment and creature comfort gear. Bedroll, tent, entrenching tool, more ammo & water, SAW gunner parts, etc. All the things that you need to hump in order for the squad to stay alive, but isn't manditory that you have every second if you need to boogie out fast.
Be sure there's nothing in there that you need to survive!

I vary what I'm carrying depending on how long I'm going to be somewhere and the general idea of what I'm going to be doing. Unfortunately the rig I'm running right now puts a lot of the weight on my shoulders, but that's what going to the gym is good for. Last estimate was that my full airsoft rig weighed in at 55lbs. Loaded rig with 556 and .45acp ammo weighs in at about 85lbs.

I like it though. Easy to ditch what I don't need, and I can sustain myself in the field (repairs to airsoft weapons or camping out, etc) for at least 2-3 days on this, even if I'm working hard.

For airsoft, I've been using the third line occasionally to train myself up. At the op before last in maypearl, I had a pack that we used quite a bit when we ran 'supply missions' over the field. I was able to attach our cargo to my rig via alice clips, leaving my hands free to still fight. Most other folks had to have one load bearer hating life. I'm also the official WC pack mule, so for ops if I'm wearing the RAID, I'll take up charity and take stuff that others don't want to carry but might need. If we ever do an overnight op, it will come in very handy for carrying food and trash, as well as a bedroll, etc. I don't think it's terribly neccessary in airsoft, but I do like the fact that I never have to go up to my car to reload, while everyone else gets tired walking all the way up there. :)


01-14-2004, 04:41 PM
Personally, I only run the following in terms of tactical gear:

SO Tech Hellcat (modular chest rig)
Blackhawk Hydrastorm (hydration)

Both of which I would categorize as 2nd line. For my airsoft purposes, I don't really see a pressing need for long-term sustainment, as I don't really have the desire to participate in extended or even multi-day events. As such, I've taken advantage of the Hellcat's modular nature, nearly maxing it out to handle the few 1st and 3rd line duties I need (holster, pistol mag pouchs, extra ammo and batteries, spent mag storage, snacks, other assorted items).

Honestly, my rationale for taking this route was to save money on gear while not sacrificing much in the way of functionality; I'm trying to avoid purchasing the stuff necessary to run leg-rig subloads or a rucksack/buttpack. However, the gear whore in me is tenacious ... if I did opt to assemble a 1st line, it would probably be separate from my 2nd.

01-14-2004, 06:30 PM
I run three lines as well.

Line 1:USGI Belt, HSGI Sniper Waist Pack, SAS Dump Pouch, HSGI Modular leg panel with my KABAR and a universal pistol pouch.

Line 2: Tactical Tailor 2- Piece MAV with an x-Harness. I also run my comm. Gear and carry any snacks plus tape or tools that I might need.

Line 3: Lightfighter RAID that carries water, Shemagh, 100MPH tape, 550-cord and other assorted goodies.

01-14-2004, 06:55 PM
1st Line: USGI Belt, canteen pouch with canteen, dual paintball tube pouch carrying a water bottle of BBs, my pistol if neccessary, or assorted items, butt pouch carrying OD duct tape, ammo, and other assorted items

2nd Line: Standard US LBV, Single Sig magazines in both double mag pouches, Sig magazine in left single mag pouch, pistol-shaped loader in right single mag pouch, motorola talkabout in left grenade pouch, camo rag in right grenade pouch.

3rd Line: Generic camelback backpack, with zip ties, green gas, glow sticks, and any other general items needed. Only worn during ops or very hot weather, when the extra water is needed.

For now, the first two lines are attached.

01-14-2004, 11:56 PM
I'm not too terribly happy with my gear.. I'll leave it at that.