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05-27-2003, 11:36 AM
I have been considering buying a barrel mounted "beam shot" for the AUG. Under stress my aim becomes very poor, and my red dot isn't doing the trick. (I shot some 800 rounds on Sunday to hit four people)
Yes, yes, I just need to calm down and aim. However that is easier said than done. I have been told that barrel mounts for M16 type rifles will also fit AUGS.
However I have to ask this before I make the purchase: Does anyone really have a problem with the use of laser sights in semi-cqb games like the one we have at TxPB?
The only reason I ask is that amongst the paintball community lasers are very poorly thought of. I have seen some very nast and long running flame wars on PB forums and newsgroups when someone mentions using a laser.

What does the airsoft community think of lasers?

"Trench Raider"

05-27-2003, 02:28 PM
I think a laser will actually not help you during a firefight. If you snap your gun up to shoot you will have to spend time trying to find the laser dot. My experience is practice with the gun enough and you will be able to snap it up and get damn close with the first bb. Then compensate by walkign the bbs to where they need to be. The other thing about a laser is that it works both ways. You can see the dot on them....they can also see the dot and move.

05-27-2003, 02:41 PM
I'm pretty busy, but here's some quick thoughts:

1. Never played paintball, don't know their issues with it.

2. Airsoft is mil-sim based. Lasers are used with real weapons, so they are a common accessory in Airsoft.

3. Average lasers are not easily visible during the day, and you will spend more time trying to find the dot then your reddot sight. On a bright day, you'd be lucky to find the dot unless you spent $$ for a high-power laser, which will make #5 below VERY relevent.

4. Lasers are cool and fun at night, but as Obsidian mentioned they can be traced back to you. For CQB however, I would have no problem employing one, as opfor will most likely be in close proximity anyway, but for woodlands, I will not use one except to help mark targets for my teammates with a momentary activation.

5. Be very aware that lasers of certain power and wavelength (I think is the case) can harm people's eyes. I don't recall the actual class that is eyesafe and which isn't, but to be safe, don't aim at people's eyes and don't look down into the laser.

6. No, I personally don't have a problem with lasers, and I doubt others do either, since they are common in Airsoft. Just don't go lighting up people's eyes. ;)

05-27-2003, 05:02 PM
My experience has been that lasers are totally useless outdoors during the daytime, and don't begin to be even slightly useable until just after sun-down.

The real place that lasers come into their own is indoor fighting, and we never do any of that. Other than that, it's all night fighting, primarily for target designation for your buddies, although you have to act fast because a laser is an active targeting device and like a tracer, works both ways. The shooter sees the dot, the shootee sees the LED emitter.

In my opinion, youre only real option is to figure out how to make red-dots work for you. The variety of scope-mounts and red-dot styles is nearly infinite, so with some experimentation, you ought to be able to find something that will work. Try a higher or lower scope mount, and a HUD style weapon sight or a larger-diameter tube. I've seen them up to 40mm in diameter.

Anyhow, good luck with whatever you decide to do.