View Full Version : Camo Webbing and Elastic

Tiger D
06-22-2010, 10:12 PM
I know some of the Lonestar Airsoft Community are do-it-yourself tactical gear and accessory creators and I wanted to share a supplier with you that I have been using for single point and 3 point slings for the last year and a half, and recently for goggle straps. This vendor is top-notch, quick, and inexpensive. Their sublimated camo webbing and elastic is the best quality. I use the 1-1/2" polyester webbiing for my slings. It's thick, durable, and yet very flexible and comfortable. They have created a few new camo patterns for me that have been good sellers. They have all the hardware you need for making them as well, in plastic and color powder coated metal. Here are the links. Enjoy.